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Stanislav Petrov » The Man Who Saved The World » ‘I Had A Funny Feeling in My Gut’

It is no coincidence that September 26 is International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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Bob Marley » Get Up Stand Up

Get up, stand up (Oh yeah) stand up for your rights (Lord, Lord)
Get up, stand up (In the morning) stand up for your rights (Stand up for your rights)
Get up, stand up (Stand up for your life) stand up for your rights (Stand up for your life)
Get up, stand up (Stand up for your life) don’t give up the fight!

Oh I say
Preacher man, don’t tell me
Heaven is under the earth
I know you don’t know
What life is really worth
It’s not all that glitters is gold
‘Alf the story has never been told
So now you see the light, eh
Stand up for your rights

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Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley invoked Bob Marley in an impassioned speech to world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly on September 24

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Mottley proceeded to rattle off a list of rhetorical questions, challenging the audience on a variety of topics from vaccine inequity to climate change to digital regulations for preventing fake news. She invoked Bob Marley at one point, asking: “In the words of Robert Nesta Marley, who will get up and stand up?”

“If we can send people to the moon, and, as I’ve said over and over, solve male baldness,” she riffed, then other issues, too, can certainly be addressed.

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