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Nuclear button: There is no way to stop a US President’s legal order

A military aide carries the “nuclear football”

Ken Moriyasu, Nikkei Asia »

If a U.S. president decides to launch a nuclear attack, the order is conveyed to a duty officer at the National Military Command Center at the Pentagon. The one-star commander executes the order in roughly a minute.

In the most urgent case, a land-based intercontinental ballistic missile will fire in two minutes. A submarine-launched missile will fire in 15 minutes.

That may be all it takes to end the world as we know it. The president has the sole authority to authorize the use of nuclear weapons, and once the order is given and acknowledged, there is no way to reverse it.


Is Paul Henderson a Hockey Hall of Famer?

  • September 28, 1972 » Team Canada wins the Summit Series against the U.S.S.R. Paul Henderson scores with 34 seconds left in the third period of the eighth and deciding game. Henderson also scored the winning goals in games six and seven. An estimated 15 million out of 20 million Canadians watched the series. (Wikipedia)

Electric Vehicles outsold diesels in Europe for the first time ever

Blagojce Krivevski, Electric Cars Report »

According to data for 26 European markets, new car registrations slowed once again in August, with a decline of 18% to 713,714 units. This marks the lowest recorded volume in August since 2014.

Last month’s decline did not however offset the growth registered during the second quarter of the year. Year-to-date volume remains higher than last year, with 8,095,419 registered units compared with 7,192,839 registered between January and August in 2020.

Felipe Munoz, Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics, commented: “The chip shortage has been a major setback for OEMs still grappling with the effects of the pandemic. Production issues and delays in the delivery of new cars have been damaging to sales, and the lack of availability at dealerships is forcing many consumers to either look for used cars or simply delay their purchase. In usual circumstances, consumers may expect to wait lots of months for a new Ferrari, but they are now experiencing the same delay for regular models.”

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