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Tens of thousands of people are holding rallies across all 50 US states in support of abortion rights


“While I’ve never been faced with that choice fortunately, there are many women who have and our government and men have no say in the outcome when it comes to our bodies,” Robin Horn told Reuters news agency.

“This is kind of a break-glass moment for folks all across the country,” said Rachel O’Leary Carmona, the executive director of Women’s March.

“Many of us grew up with the idea that abortion would be legal and accessible for all of us,” she added. “Seeing that at very real risk has been a moment of awakening.”

Live from Reuters via YouTube »

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2021 Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival » October 30 to November 7!

The 2021 Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival is happening virtually and in-person this year from Saturday, October 30 to Sunday, November 7!

Featuring over 75 films, live events in Banff and Canmore, and 30 virtual programs to watch from the comfort of your home over nine epic days. Get your festival passes, Tuesday, October 5—available to purchase only until November 2 👉

‘Do your Christmas shopping early’

Jennifer O’Connell, The Irish Times » 

The same pressures may result in empty shelves this Christmas. “We will see inflation, that’s for sure. We’ll see shortages in certain lines of goods, particularly voluminous things. You’ll see furniture stores with empty shelves. And I think the one that parents might be concerned about is toy stores and shelves possibly being empty there.” Goods imported from Asia, “whether it’s Barbies or bouncy castles, you might not be able to get those,” says Alan Holland.

Parks Canada is restoring the Sturgeon River Plains Bison population

The Sturgeon River plains bison, in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, are one of the few remaining free-ranging herds in North America. Monitoring is conducted throughout the year to examine bison habitat, movement, predator-prey relationships, range change and expansion.

Academic partners such as Laval Université, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Manitoba conduct research that informs decisions related to bison management.

Parks Canada »

Bison co-management and research is taking place to help restore a healthy plains bison population that thrives on the landscape inside and outside Prince Albert National Park. The Sturgeon River plains bison herd is one of the few free-ranging bison populations in North America. The herd’s unique wild status makes it an important conservational, cultural, social and economic resource regionally and nationally.

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