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Day: October 5, 2021

Video » Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen’s full opening statement at Senate hearing

Whistleblower Frances Haugen told a U.S. Senate subcommittee that Facebook is “morally bankrupt” and in need of regulation and independent oversight. Haugen said, “There is nobody currently holding Zuckerberg accountable but himself.”

Frances Haugen is Smart. Forthright. Trustworthy. A Powerful combination.

The Register » Facebook far too consumed by greed to make itself less harmful to society, whistleblower tells Congress

The Guardian » Facebook harms children and is damaging democracy, claims whistleblower

The Guardian » ‘Moral bankruptcy’: whistleblower offers scathing assessment of Facebook

MIT Technology Review » The Facebook whistleblower says its algorithms are dangerous. Here’s why.

Mother Jones » The Facebook Whistleblower Doesn’t Have the Solution

The Verge » Facebook runs the coward’s playbook to smear the whistleblower

NPR » Here are 4 key points from the Facebook whistleblower’s testimony on Capitol Hill

  • Haugen was an insider, making her a powerful critic
  • Research shows Facebook coveted young users, despite health concerns
  • Democrats and Republicans actually are united on regulating Facebook
  • Haugen says Facebook broke the law

Fortune » Whistleblower to Senate: Facebook is ‘morally bankrupt’ and ‘disastrous’ for democracy

GZERO Media » Is Facebook like a car or a cigarette?

AP » Ex-Facebook manager criticizes company, urges more oversight

Do the Northern Lights make sounds that you can hear?

Fiona Amery, The Conversation »

  • Fiona Amery is a PhD Candidate in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

It’s a question that has puzzled observers for centuries: do the fantastic green and crimson light displays of the aurora borealis produce any discernible sound?

Conjured by the interaction of solar particles with gas molecules in Earth’s atmosphere, the aurora generally occurs near Earth’s poles, where the magnetic field is strongest. Reports of the aurora making a noise, however, are rare – and were historically dismissed by scientists.

But a Finnish study in 2016 claimed to have finally confirmed that the northern lights really do produce sound audible to the human ear. A recording made by one of the researchers involved in the study even claimed to have captured the sound made by the captivating lights 70 metres above ground level.

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Racist Kevin J. Johnston sentenced to 18 months in jail for repeatedly violating judge’s hate speech order

On July 30, 2021, the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto found Kevin J. Johnston in contempt of court for repeatedly and deliberately violating its prior Order prohibiting his hate speech directed at Mohamad Fakih, the CEO and Founder of Paramount Foods. Following a separate sentencing hearing on September 22, 2021, Justice Myers sentenced Johnston to be incarcerated for 18 months beginning on January 4, 2022. (Source » Fakih’s Lawyers)

Shanifa Nasser, CBC News »

Kevin J. Johnston has been sentenced to 18 months behind bars for publicly branding Mohamad Fakih a “terrorist” and a “baby killer” after being ordered to stop defaming the Paramount Fine Foods owner two years ago.

The sentence comes after Johnston was charged earlier this year with contempt for continuing to make racist, defamatory statements about Fakih, a Toronto restaurateur and philanthropist, despite an injunction by an Ontario judge in 2019 to stop.

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