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Day: November 8, 2021

William Prince » NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert


Seated in the comfort of his home in Winnipeg, singing his song “Lighthouse,” William Prince emanates thoughtful messages of redemption and love. “I greet you today from Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, Manitoba,” he says. “What a time it’s been, I’ve been at home writing songs this past little while, and it really gave me some perspective on something … confirmed something for me. You don’t want to let a day go wasted.” And with that, William Prince’s baritone lulls us into his song “Wasted,” a song he wrote to his son but is full of advice for us all.

“What puts a shuffle in your shoes, babe?

That’s the thing worth chasing.

Gotta love what you do, babe

So not a day goes wasted.”

William Prince grew up the son of a preacher and a musician on Peguis First Nation. With two albums released in 2020, including a gospel album inspired by the grief caused by the pandemic, he’s been quite prolific. This summer saw the release of a single, “Run.”

William Prince ends his Tiny Desk (home) concert with “Breathless,” the song that introduced him to the world in 2018; initially released in 2015, the later version we’ve come to know was produced by Nashville’s famed producer Dave Cobb. “Great songs will find a way; it ain’t the singer; it’s the song I was told.” There’s truth there, but for me, seeing him in Nashville in 2018, it was undoubtedly his voice that got me listening.

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