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Day: December 2, 2021

Starlink Is testing internet service for aircraft

They can’t get it to work in a moving RV, but ok.

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Starlink is in talks with several airlines about offering in-flight broadband connections, Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of commercial sales, said Tuesday on a panel at the Airline Passenger Experience Association gathering in Long Beach, California. That would put the company in direct competition with Viasat Inc., Intelsat SA, Telesat Corp. and others.

Starlink is producing six satellites a week at its assembly site near Seattle, Hofeller said. It is also moving to a more sophisticated version. He didn’t disclose details of the testing or how advanced the company’s discussions with airlines are.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is encouraging customers to buy his limited edition USD$50 “Cyberwhistle” instead of Apple’s equally ridiculous USD$19 Polishing Cloth

“The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them.”
― George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

But what do I know. » Tesla’s $50 “Cyberwhistle” Sells Out as Elon Jokes About Whistleblowers » Motor Trend

There is a camera the size of a grain of salt, and its image quality is Trippy

The city of Venice, as seen by the neural nano-optical camera (right) compared to an earlier, similar camera (left).Image: Princeton University Computational Imaging Lab

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A team of engineers has built a camera about the size of a salt grain that’s capable of taking images of similar quality to an ordinary camera 500,000 times its size. The super-small camera takes advantage of a combination of flat optic technology and artificial intelligence to produce its images.

While the camera isn’t great for any point-and-shoot escapades, the tiny tech could be useful in fields like in medical imaging. There are also applications in other areas, as evidenced by some of the project’s funders: Amazon, Facebook, Google, and the U.S. Department of Defense


The new camera produces significantly better images than cameras of the same kind just a few years ago. The team that developed this “metasurface camera” has published their findings this week in Nature Communications.

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