I chose these starting and ending points as this is part of the route I travelled this past winter on my road-trip to Baja California, Mexico.

You can calculate the added costs for your own road-trip on this page at the Washington Post.

Note » Above is in USD$ // Currency Exchange at XE.com (You’ll be lucky to get this at your local bank, but that’s for another story.)

Of course, #YMMV » Your Mileage May Will Vary » depending the vehicle you choose, the speed you travel, how quickly you accelerate, how often you stop and start, the terrain, the wind direction (seriously), traffic conditions, along with the condition and maintenance of your vehicle.

I kept records and receipts throughout the trip. I will (hopefully soon) publish a few posts about this past winter’s road trip on my travel blog at YourMileageMayVary.ca. The highest price I saw was at Furnace Creek Gas Station, in the otherwise wonderful Death Valley National Park.

Furnace Creek Gas Station (Source » Tim Vander Woude)