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The meaning of ‘woke’ has been twisted and weaponized

Doug Cuthand writes »

Woke is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “alert to injustice and discrimination in society, especially racism.” The Merriam Webster dictionary defines woke as “aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice).”

If being alert to injustice and attentive to important societal facts and issues is somehow a failing, count me in all day long.

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Living off-grid in Manhattan

Joshua Spodek, writing in Ars Technica »

I learned to time my activities around the sun. In direct sunlight, the panels fully charged the battery in about four hours. A cloudy day could mean the battery wouldn’t fully charge, but between planning and my NYU cheat, I missed zero meetings.

Some changes that made the experiment work included reading more books, writing by hand, choosing salads over cooked foods, going out instead of staying in, and shifting work to daytime hours. At first, I considered these changes sacrifices, but looking back, I view them more as a cultural shift, a bit like when I lived overseas and couldn’t find a good bagel. Finding the local equivalent—croissants in Paris or vegetable steamed buns in Shanghai—worked better than complaining, and it expanded my world.

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Singapore grades itself on its Covid-19 responses

Salma Khalik, writing in The Straits Times »

The White Paper on the nation’s performance, released on Wednesday, was not a self-congratulatory exercise but an effort to understand how it can build on its successes and avoid the errors committed in the fog of war, when the next big pandemic knocks on its doors.

“Vaccination was clearly such an important way out of this pandemic for the world and for Singapore,” he added. “Overall, our whole vaccine strategy from procurement, to the rolling out of the vaccines, to the communication to actually delivering jabs to people, I think we have generally done well, and that has enabled us to get through this pandemic.”

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Pixel Watch appears to be a hit

Google finally launched the Pixel Watch late last year alongside its latest generation of smartphones and, thanks to new number, it appears the smartwatch is a bit of a hit for the company with hundreds of thousands of units shipped in its first few months.

Canalys reports that Google shipped 880,000 Pixel Watch units in Q4 2022, the first three months that the smartwatch was available for sale.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

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Record number of women worked in construction in Quebec in 2022

On this year’s International Women’s Day, the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ) announced that a record number of women worked on construction sites in 2022—over 7,200, an increase of nearly 970 over 2021—accounting for 3.64% of the overall workforce.

Large numbers of women chose to begin a construction career, surpassing the 1,900 mark for a second year in a row and representing a peak of 9.32% of all newcomers to the industry.

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Timothy Snyder » The global fight for our future

If you think democracy is some kind of inevitable, default setting for the world, then you aren’t going to have it for very long, says historian and author Timothy Snyder. From World War I to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Snyder dives into the structures that uplift and tear down political systems, offering a historical perspective on the current state of democracy around the world as well as the patterns of thought that lead to tyranny.

Timothy David Snyder is the Richard C. Levin Professor of History at Yale University and a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. Wikipedia

Clocks in many parts of Canada to jump forward this weekend

Most Canadians will set their clocks forward an hour tonight before going to bed. Most provinces, as well as the territories of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories, will set their clocks ahead one hour.

Yukon and most of Saskatchewan keep their clocks the same year-round. Yukon made the switch for the last time in March 2020, and standard time is now permanent there.

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