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Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Simon »

Host Paul Simon comes out to sing “Still Crazy After All These Years” on Saturday Night Live while wearing a turkey costume, but stops when he realizes how ridiculous he looks. Simon then goes backstage to complain about the entire idea to Lorne Michaels. [Season 2, 1976]

CBS News investigates ‘The Hippie Temptation’ (1967)

In this video CBS correspondent Harry Reasoner reports on the nature of LSD, whose users “may see a wild complexity of images, hear a multiplicity of sounds. This is called taking an acid trip.”

Sherilyn Connelly writes the originally broadcast on August 22, 1967 as the inaugural edition of the short-lived CBS News series “Who, What, Where, When, Why.”

“The hippies present a strange problem,” says Reasoner. “Our society has produced them. There they are, in rapidly increasing numbers. And yet there seem to be very few definite ideas behind the superficial glitter of their dress and behavior.” In search of the core of the hippie ideology, which seems outwardly to involve “standing apart from society by means of mutual help and love.”

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