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Ten warships belonging to China and Russia passed jointly through a narrow strait in northern of Japan

The saber rattling happening in the Tsugaru Strait which lies between Japan’s main island of Honshu and the northern island of Hokkaido. This is the first time that Chinese and Russian warships are known to have passed the strait together.


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The warships sailed eastward toward the Pacific Ocean, likely as part of “Naval Interaction 2021,” a joint maritime exercise the two navies are conducting this month.

The narrowest point of the Tsugaru Strait is 19.5 km, or 12.1 miles, but the center part of the strait is designated as international waters — a Cold War relic that let American vessels carrying nuclear weapons pass through.

The group consisted of five Chinese vessels — one Renhai class destroyer, one Luyang-III class destroyer, two Jiangkai class frigates and one Fuchi class replenishment oiler — and five Russian vessels, which were two Udaloy class destroyers, two Steregushchiy class frigates and one Marshal Nedelin class missile-tracking ship.

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Chrystia Freeland drew the ire and respect of the KGB

Chrystia Freeland holds a press conference on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020. (Source » Sean Kilpatrick » The Canadian Press)

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Instead, she spent her time traversing Ukraine, purporting to visit far-flung family members, but in fact working as a fixer for visiting journalists from Canada, Britain and the United States, for example taking a BBC film crew to Lviv to meet leaders in the Ukrainian Catholic Church. Countless “tendentious” news stories about life in the Soviet Union, especially for its non-Russian citizens, had her fingerprints as Ms. Freeland set about making a name for herself in journalistic circles with an eye to her future career prospects.

Col. Stroi certainly objected to what Ms. Freeland was doing in Ukraine, but the KGB officer could not help but be impressed. She was “a remarkable individual” with “an analytical mindset.” The young Canadian was “erudite, sociable, persistent, and inventive in achieving her goals,” nefarious as they may have been in the eyes of Soviet intelligence.

The student causing so many headaches clearly loathed the Soviet Union, but she knew its laws inside and out – and how to use them to her advantage. She skillfully hid her actions, avoided surveillance (and shared that knowledge with her Ukrainian contacts), and expertly trafficked in “misinformation.” The conclusion is inescapable: Chrystia Freeland, this KGB officer was saying, would have made an excellent spy herself.

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I doubt Vladimir Putin will like Ms. Freeland more when she becomes Prime Minister of Canada.

Stanislav Petrov » The Man Who Saved The World » ‘I Had A Funny Feeling in My Gut’

It is no coincidence that September 26 is International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

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