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Watch Prince Charles acknowledge indigenous suffering at residential schools in Canada

Prince Charles, on the final day of his whirlwind three-day cross-Canadian outing, ‘acknowledged’ the suffering of indigenous children who survived residential schools. No apology was offered for the role of the

Many had urged the Royal Family to offer an apology for their role in the ‘assimilation and genocide’ at Canada’s indigenous boarding schools. None has been offered.

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“I want to acknowledge their suffering and to say how much our hearts go out to them and their families,” Charles said Thursday night in Yellowknife in front of hundreds of people.

Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE equipment and services on telecommunications networks in the country

François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, released the following statement »

“Today, the Government of Canada is ensuring the long term safety of our telecommunications infrastructure. As part of that, the government intends to prohibit the inclusion of Huawei and ZTE products and services in Canada’s telecommunications systems.

“This follows a thorough review by our independent security agencies and in consultation with our closest allies.

“As a result, telecommunications companies that operate in Canada would no longer be permitted to make use of designated equipment or services provided by Huawei and ZTE. As well, companies that already use this equipment installed in their networks would be required to cease its use and remove it. The government intends to implement these measures as part of a broader agenda to promote the security of Canada’s telecommunications networks and in consultation with industry.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Policy Statement » Securing Canada’s Telecommunications System

Last week, US President Joe Biden extended for another year a Trump-era executive order that declared a national emergency and prohibited U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment produced by firms posing a national security risk.

Robert Gillies, Associated Press » Canada joins its intelligence allies in banning carriers from using Huawei and ZTE equipment for the country’s 5G network

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Where are Ontario’s crime guns coming from?

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It’s unclear why Ohio leads all other states in boosting Ontario’s supply of crime guns. Experts say it could be the lack of specific laws regulating private sales of firearms and proximity to Canada.

But whether it’s Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, one connection between these five states is a major highway: the I-75, which runs from the tip of Florida up to the Great Lakes. Investigators said they are still investigating why Texas has become a top source state.

“There’s obviously a possibility that guns are coming up from those states through the I-75 corridor and right into the underbelly of Ontario,” ATF agent Taylor said. »

Canadian Government introduces bill to ban sanctioned Vladimir Putin and some 1,000 others from entering the country

Canada has imposed economic sanctions on Russians since they illegally invaded Ukraine in February. However, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) does not permit the banning of foreign nationals who are covered by these sanctions from entering Canada.

Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety, will introduce legislative changes to the IRPA to ensure foreign nationals subject to sanctions under the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA), along with any accompanying family members. are inadmissible to Canada.

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Watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau make unannounced visit to Ukraine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly, visited Kyiv amid the Russian invasion to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and to reopen the Canadian embassy in Ukraine.

PM Trudeau announced new weapons for Ukraine and imposes new sanctions against Russia during his visit to Kyiv.

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