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Apple allegedly complicit in trying to block important US climate change legislation

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The report by watchdog group Accountable.US was released in September and found that Apple, Disney, Walmart, FedEx, and more have all supported lobbying groups that want to stop the creation of climate laws that prioritise renewable energy.

President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda wants to transform the US’ economy to create investment in sustainability through renewable energy. The plan also intends to improve childcare, education, caregiving, and lower costs for working families.

But big businesses have issues with this, according to the report. Because the way Biden wants to fund the revitalisation of the US economy is through taxing corporations themselves.

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Is the Apple core rotting out from the inside?

The Verge looks at the rise of employee dissent at Apple, including pushback against returning to the office, fighting for pay equity, and increasing leaks »

Apple’s remote work struggle is emblematic of a deeper shift taking place inside the company. Since 1976, the tech giant has operated in largely the same way: executives make decisions about how the company will function, and employees either fall in line or leave. What choice do they have? Apple is currently worth $2 trillion, making it the most valuable company in the world, as well as one of the most powerful.

Over the past few months, however, that culture has started to erode. As workers across the tech industry advocate for more power, Apple’s top-down management seems more out of touch than ever before. Now, a growing number of employees are organizing internally for change and speaking out about working conditions on Twitter.

“There’s a shift in the balance of power going on here,” says Jason Snell, the former editor of Macworld, who’s been covering Apple since the 1990s. “Not everyone is afraid that their boss at Apple is going to fire them. They’re saying, ‘I’m going to say some bad things about Apple, and if you move against me, it’s going to look bad for you.’”

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