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Starlink Is testing internet service for aircraft

They can’t get it to work in a moving RV, but ok.

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Starlink is in talks with several airlines about offering in-flight broadband connections, Jonathan Hofeller, vice president of commercial sales, said Tuesday on a panel at the Airline Passenger Experience Association gathering in Long Beach, California. That would put the company in direct competition with Viasat Inc., Intelsat SA, Telesat Corp. and others.

Starlink is producing six satellites a week at its assembly site near Seattle, Hofeller said. It is also moving to a more sophisticated version. He didn’t disclose details of the testing or how advanced the company’s discussions with airlines are.

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Vizio makes more money spying on people who buy TVs than it does on TVs themselves

Cory Doctorow / Pluralistic »

If you think that some companies want to make money the honest way, by selling you stuff, while other companies are full of evil wizards who want to spy on you in order to deprive you of free will, then the answer is simple: just pay for stuff, and you’ll be fine.

But time and again, we learn that companies spy on you – and abuse you in other ways – whenever it suits them – even companies that make a lot of noise about how they don’t need to spy on you to make money. If a company has the power to abuse you – because of lock-in, or because someone else is making you use it – and if the company can make money by abusing you, it will abuse you.

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