Sales of electric vehicles (EV) in Europe have surpassed those of popular (for Europe) diesel powered vehicles, and they are  catching up to the sales volumes of gasoline powered vehicles.

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Nearly a quarter of the cars sold in Europe last month were full electric vehicles (EVs) or plug-in hybrids. Registrations of such cars across 26 European markets outstripped diesel vehicles for the first time.

The switch to EVs had started to accelerate in Europe before the virus struck. But over the past 18 months a growing choice of models, particularly cheaper ones, falling running costs and customers, with more time during lockdown, perhaps giving more thought to the environment, have turned an uptick into a surge. Volkswagen’s ID3 topped the EV sales charts in August (although the best seller overall was the Dacia Sandero, a hatchback from Renault’s budget brand, powered by fossil fuels).