»»» Introducing the new and upgraded Framework Laptop (Framework Team Blog Post)

It’s pretty cool that current Framework Laptop Owners Can Now Upgrade to 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs (Gizmodo)

The Framework is possibly my next laptop (after my expensive to buy, expensive-to-repairable, and un-upgradable MacBook Pro dies).

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A little more than a year after announcing the first version of its ultra-repairable, upgradeable notebook, Framework is launching the second-generation Framework Laptop. It’s meant to be substantially faster and a little more sturdy, but, mostly, it’s a signal that Framework is serious about building truly long-lasting devices and might actually be fulfilling the often promised and rarely delivered dream of upgradeable, modular gadgets.

Which raises the real question for Framework: how do you launch a new laptop when your whole company is based on letting people upgrade and improve their laptops without just having to buy a new one?

That’s where Framework’s announcement gets cool: the new chipset is also going to be available in Framework’s Marketplace, meaning you can buy a mainboard with a 12th Gen chip and slot it into your existing Framework Laptop without having to buy a whole new device. Or, you can opt to replace your top cover with the new stronger one without changing anything else. (The Upgrade Kit, which includes both pieces, starts at $538.) Framework is planning to continue selling the first-gen laptop at a discounted price of $899 while its inventory lasts, too, so you can start on your upgrade path whenever you want. »

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