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“The True Cost of Solar Hydrogen,” the report from a European research team led by the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics, was published September 7 in the journal Solar RRL and concludes that “during this decade, solar hydrogen will be globally a less expensive fuel compared with hydrogen produced from natural gas with CCS [blue hydrogen].” (CCS is carbon capture and storage.)

This is a much different scenario than the argument being made by supporters of blue hydrogen, such as the gas industry and others who are claiming that within a decade green hydrogen will still be at least double the cost of blue hydrogen.

While there is some question about how dirty blue hydrogen is and will be — due to its reliance on gas, a fossil fuel, and carbon capture technology to reduce emissions from its production — no one is arguing that it will ever be cleaner than green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is clean now, whereas blue hydrogen advocates promise that this fuel may be less dirty at some point in the future, but even then, will never have zero emissions.

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