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Camera sales are falling sharply

Camera sales are continuing to falling off a cliff. The latest data from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) shows them in a swoon befitting a Bollywood roadside Romeo. All four big camera brands — Sony, Fuji, Canon, and Nikon — are reposting rapid declines. And it is not just the point and shoot cameras whose sales are collapsing. We also see sales of higher-end DSLR cameras stall. And — wait for it — even mirrorless cameras, which were supposed to be a panacea for all that ails the camera business, are heading south.

Smartphone cameras continue to gut the compact camera market. However, sale of interchangeable lens cameras (DSLRs and such) seem to have stabilized.

As good as smartphone cameras are, there are limits to what a camera that fits in your pocket can do. But does the average Joe really care about image resolution? After all, the photos today are mostly viewed on a small screen.

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YouTube fined US$170 million for collecting children’s information without parental consent

Which is petty cash for owner Google/Alphabet

» Read the story by Rachell Lerman and Marcy Gordon of the AP at Time Magazine…

Official Secrets » The true story of British intelligence specialist Katharine Gun, the brave woman who risked everything in trying to stop the Iraq War » In theatres next week

This is one I look forward to seeing at the theatre.

» Read about the case at The Guardian

States brace for ransomware assaults on voter registries

This is more than just a little disturbing. Could this be the reason the GOP is failing to fund measures to upgrade electronic voting machines? Might this be what they really want? Distrust over election results. Anarchy at the next Presidential elections in the USA!

If a hacker locks down even one county’s election agency with ransomware, that can create the impression the whole system is compromised. “It’s a phenomenon that can undermine voter confidence,” Deitrich said.

Ransomware would be a new feature of election hacking, which came to public attention after intelligence officials said Russian hackers probed voter registries during the 2016 presidential campaign. A ransomware attack in 2020 could prove devastating, preventing voters from registering or poll workers from confirming voter eligibility, officials say. The hackers’ goal wouldn’t be changing the votes that were cast, but spreading doubt that eligible voters were able to make their voices heard.

Read more by Laura Hautala at CNET…

Founders of Successful Tech Companies Are Mostly Middle-Aged

Researchers calculated that the founders’ average age was 42. And for the founders of the 0.1 percent fastest-growing firms, the average age was 45.

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Video » It’s Not Easy or Simple to Browse the Internet Anonymously

An Explanation of Why We Ground Electrical Systems

Posted byu/VVillyD on Reddit:

… There are 2 very common myths regarding electricity which are important to dispel at this point. Myth 1: electricity is ‘trying to get to ground or the Earth’. Get this out of your head right now and forget you ever heard it. This is not true and I have heard many stories of people who created harmful situations because they believed this whole-heartedly. Fact 1:electricity is ‘trying to get back to it’s source’.

Myth 2: electricity takes the path of least resistance. If this were true, it would be impossible to connect circuits in parallel, because the electricity would only take the parallel path which has the least resistance. Basic electrical theory and Kirchhoff’s Law tell us this isn’t true. Fact 2: electricity takes ALL conductive paths available to it. …

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The Toaster that Costs $270 and Makes Only One Slice at a Time

The obsession with the perfectly toasted slice of bread.

Reed Stevenson writing for Bloomberg:

Perfectly made toast isn’t just an obsession in Japan. It’s a business opportunity.

Over the past few years, there’s been a quiet boom in the pursuit of expertly reheated bread, from high-end toasters and premium loaves, to cafes catering to connoisseurs seeking that satisfying crunch.

Joining the fray is the next best thing for sliced bread, a toaster designed for just one task: making a single piece of toast, flawlessly. Made by Mitsubishi Electric Corp., better known for its workaday refrigerators and rice cookers, the Bread Oven hit store shelves last month, retailing for about 29,000 to 30,000 yen ($270). While that might seem expensive, Japanese consumers are already used to paying top price for toasters; the popular Balmuda, which debuted a few years ago, sold for about $230.

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Time to Unplug Our Kids: WHO Recommends Zero Screen Time for Children Under One

Craig Timberg and Rachel Siegel writing in the Washington Post:

The World Health Organization issued strict new guidelines Wednesday on one of the most anxiety-producing issues of 21st Century family life: How much should parents resort to videos and online games to entertain, educate or simply distract their young children?

The answer, according to WHO, is never for children in their first year of life and rarely in their second. Those aged 2 to 4, the international health agency said, should spend no more than an hour a day in front of a screen.

The WHO drew on emerging — but as yet unsettled — science about the risks screens pose to the development of young minds at a time when surveys show children are spending increasing amounts of time watching smartphones and other mobile devices. Ninety-five percent of families with children under the age of 8 have smartphones, according to the nonprofit Common Sense Media, and 42 percent of children under 8 have access to their own tablet device.

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