Fairphone 2 — Launched in 2015

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority »

The company known as Fairphone has an idealistic ethos: it wants to make smartphones fair and ethical. It offers modular devices produced using recycled and sustainable materials and ensures the procurement of those materials is ethical. For folks who are really concerned about how exploitative tech production can be, this company could be just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, a huge aspect of sustainability is long-term support. It wouldn’t be ethical if people bought a phone and then got rid of it a year later. That’s why Fairphone provides a very long update promise to its devices, with proof of that being today’s announcement that it will send Android 10 to the Fairphone 2.

If you own a Fairphone 2, you can start beta testing Android 10 now. The company expects to push the stable release in early 2022.

This – and that is has a headphone jack – makes me want to buy a Fairphone.