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If you are looking for a job, BMO ranks Canada’s best cities for jobs and affordable homes

Five years ago the top five cities were Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Hamilton.

This year the top five are Ottawa, Quebec City, Hamilton, Edmonton, and Windsor.

Huffington Post:

“There are two key reasons to move,” BMO senior economist Robert Kavcic wrote in the report. “To find a job, if you don’t have one; or to take a better-paying job, if you do.”

BMO’s “ranking of labour market attractiveness,” as the report calls it, is purely data-driven. “Mountains vs. lakes, or seafood vs. beef, are among many other important considerations, but such lifestyle factors are ignored here,” Kavcic wrote.

BMO looked at factors such as median household income, job growth, house prices and rental rates to determine their rankings.

Looking for a job? City of Edmonton is looking for a Goat Coordinator. No kidding.

Since Edmonton banned the use of pesticides last year, some 200 goats have been handling the city’s weed problem as part of the GoatWorks pilot program. They are now looking for a goat coordinator. It’s a temporary full-time position with a contract for up to 11 months with an hourly pay of up to $43.


“Working both independently and as part of a team, you will be integral in the development and implementation of this program,” reads the official job posting.

“You will work with individuals, contractors and researchers to fulfill the program goals and engage Edmontonians in all that is Goats.”

Edmonton woman chased down wallet thief, then bought him a coffee

Tess Aboughoushe was in downtown Edmonton, returning from a lunch-hour appointment at the chiropractor on Valentine’s Day, when she spotted a struggle down the block.

Wallis Snowdon, CBC News:

“I was walking back to my office and crossing the street and a lady calls out, ‘Stop. Thief. He took my wallet.’

When Aboughoushe heard the scream, her instinct kicked in.  She chased the thief down an alley and found him hiding behind a dumpster.

“He came out from behind the dumpster and says, in a conciliatory way, ‘Here is the wallet, I can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry, just take it, take it.’

“So I took the wallet, and the woman caught up soon after. I gave it back to her and he stayed there, apologizing a lot.”

Aboughoushe gave the woman a hug and wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Then, she walked with the man to Credo, a few blocks down the street, and bought him a large black coffee.

Holy crap. I’m walking back from my chiro appointment and a woman begins screaming and I see a man taking off and she yells that he took her wallet, just like in the movies and I chased him down. He stops and says he can’t do this anymore and hands me back the wallet and she catches up and he apologizes 100 times, says he’s never done something like this before. She hugs me and I wish her a happy Valentine’s day, then I take the guy to credo, buy him a large coffee to stay, listen to his situation.. go upstairs to the office and call the police. He was very regretful and contrite but a desperate man could do desperate things and he needs the help of the police. I took the photo before he handed back the wallet. Only two blocks of running but I think my heart rate is going like I sprinted a 5k right now. Just like in the movies, guys. Holy crap! . 👮‍♂️ . #yegdt #civiliantakedown #yegrunner #runningcameinhandy #holycrap #happyvalentinesday

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