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The main components of the fuel are produced from second-generation biofuel (manufactured from agricultural waste) and e-fuels created by capturing carbon from the atmosphere. These allow ECOpower to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared with “equivalent petrol”.

Developed at Prodrive’s Banbury headquarters in Oxfordshire, the fuel can be “used as a direct replacement for unleaded petrol in almost any vehicle”. The firm has already run its new Hunter T1+ racer (an evolution of the Hunter T1 that finished fifth overall at this year’s Dakar rally) on the fuel without any modifications to the existing petrol engine. The company also intends to run a “near-identical” fuel in road vehicles to prove the technology further.

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There are over 1 billion ICE vehicles on the road today around the world. Sustainable BioFuels could be an important and valuable tool in fighting climate change.