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The stories behind 20 inventions that changed the world

The Pill

If you are curious like me, you wonder how things work, how they came about, and you ask a lot of questions about a wide variety of things.

Mental Floss has some answers to questions you might not have yet thought of for these »

  1. Suspension Bridges
  2. Toilets
  3. The Walkman
  4. The Pill
  5. Super Soaker
  6. The Blood Bank
  7. Space Telescopes
  8. The Pizza Box
  9. X-Rays
  10. Wildlife Cameras
  11. Duct Tape
  12. Barcodes
  13. Seat Belts
  14. The Microwave
  15. The Can Opener
  16. Velcro
  17. Air Conditioning
  18. Radio
  19. Aquariums
  20. The Lightbulb

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