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Most expensive cities for expats and foreign employees in 2018

According to Mercer’s Annual Cost of Living Survey:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Tokyo
  3. Zurich
  4. Singapore
  5. Seoul
  6. Luanda
  7. Shanghai
  8. Ndjamena
  9. Beijing
  10. Bern

Ancestry and 23andMe pledge to be more upfront about how they share/sell users’ DNA data

Genetic testing firms Ancestry and 23andMe pledge to be more upfront about how they share/sell users’ DNA data to business, police, and others – Fortune, Washington Post


Japanese condom-makers are looking for a rise from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

The famously randy Olympic athletes could bring global brand awareness to the country’s 0.01mm ultra-thin prophylactics which are able to resist the friction of at least 100,000 thrusts.

Channel NewsAsis:

Japanese condom makers are ramping up preparations ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, seeing a golden opportunity to showcase their world-record ultra-thin products.

For years, hundreds of thousands of condoms have been distributed for free to competitors at Olympic Games in a bid to encourage safe sex among the world’s fittest athletes.

The tradition provides prophylactic producers with a potentially unrivalled marketing opportunity.

World’s tallest wooden high rise to be built in Tokyo, Japan

The “W350” will be 350 meters (1,150 ft) high and have 70 stories. It will be constructed of 180,000 cubic meters of indigenous wood, combined with steel that will make up no more than 10% of the building’s construction.

The building will cost approximately US$5.6 billion (600 billion yen), roughly twice the amount of a conventional high-rise building would cost.


Japan actually passed a law in 2010 requiring construction companies to use wood for public buildings that are below three storeys high.

It’s not a new concept worldwide either.

Wooden skyscrapers can be found across the globe, from an 18-storey office building in Minneapolis made from timber to a 53m-high block of student flats in Vancouver that currently holds the title of world’s tallest wooden skyscraper.


World’s Tallest Wooden Building to Be Built in Tokyo – Brigit Katz,

World’s tallest wooden skyscraper planned in Tokyo – Holly Ellyatt, CNBC

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