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America’s pandemic travel bans – even to vaccinated travellers – are no longer logical or based on science

Edward Alden, a senior fellow at Council on Foreign Relations, believes the U.S. travel bans could remain in effect until after November 2022 midterms.

 Edward Alden, Foreign Policy »

In comparison, U.S. travel and border policies have barely budged since the start of the pandemic. Some rules have tightened under U.S. President Joe Biden, even as many of the countries whose citizens remain banned have significantly outpaced the United States in controlling the pandemic. In February and March 2020, the Trump administration barred travel from China, Iran, the Schengen countries of the EU, Britain, and Ireland—all places that had significant early outbreaks. Trump later added Brazil to the list of prohibited countries, and this year Biden added South Africa and India following outbreaks of new variants in those countries. For the land borders, the United States agreed with Canada and Mexico in March 2020 to block all but “essential” travelers. Given a long history of close U.S.-Canadian cooperation, Ottawa was caught off-guard last month when it lifted the land border restrictions for vaccinated Americans only to have Washington extend its shutdown and refuse to reciprocate for Canadians.

The lack of U.S. progress cannot be laid at the feet of Trump, who was certainly eager to use the pandemic as an excuse for closing the borders, especially with Mexico and the EU. But in his final days, Trump had decided to lift the travel restrictions on Europeans and Brazilians, only to have Biden extend the bans during his first week in office.

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COVID-19 / Pandemic

Canadian Election T –7

  • Alberta’s ‘Energy War Room’ appears to be operating in defiance of the Canada Elections Act.

Dawson College & Gun Control

  • Survivors of Dawson College shootings urge voters not to support the Conservatives » The Halifax Star
  • 15 years ago on this date, a single gunman, armed with a Beretta Cx4 Storm assault rifle, a shotgun, and a Glock semi-automatic handgun, went on a shooting rampage at the Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec.
    • One 18-year old woman, Anastasia De Sousa, died at the scene, while another 19 were injured. The shooter eventually committed suicide, after being shot in the arm by a police officer
    • Erin O’Toole, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, continues to repeat the lie that the Beretta Cx4 Storm assault rifle used in the Dawson College shooting, was illegally obtained. It was not. The shooter obtained it legally. The Liberal government banned the Beretta Cx4 and 1,500 other assault-style weapons after the Dawson College shooting. O’Toole has promised the gun lobby to make the Beretta Cx4 Storm, the AK-47, and other assault weapons designed to hunt and kill humans legal again in Canada.


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Coronavirus / COVID19 / Pandemic

Canadian Election T –10

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Canadian Election (T –12 Days)

Dying in the name of vaccine freedom

NY Times via YouTube »

In the video above, Alexander Stockton, a producer on the Opinion Video team, explores two of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy and refusal.

“It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,” he says.

Seeking understanding, Mr. Stockton travels to Mountain Home, Ark., in the Ozarks, a region with galloping contagion and — not unrelated — abysmal vaccination rates.

He finds that a range of feelings and beliefs underpins the low rates — including fear, skepticism and a libertarian strain of defiance.

This doubt even extends to the staff at a regional hospital, where about half of the medical personnel are not vaccinated — even while the intensive care unit is crowded with unvaccinated Covid patients fighting for their lives.

Mountain Home — like the United States as a whole — is caught in a tug of war between private liberty and public health. But Mr. Stockton suggests that unless government upholds its duty to protect Americans, keeping the common good in mind, this may be a battle with no end.

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