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On This Day

September 14, 1907

Jasper Forest Reserve, which covers 13,000 square kilometers in the Canadian 🇨🇦 Rockies, is established.

In 1930, Jasper will become a national park under the National Parks Act.


COVID-19 / Pandemic

Anti-Social Media





Canadian Election T -6 Days » Election day is September 20

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9/11 – Terrorism

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9/11 – Afghanistan – Terrorism


  • Exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges, specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines, can degrade the performance of the camera system.




  • China’s nuclear missile silo expansion: From minimum deterrence to medium deterrence – The Bulletin
    • The scale of the Chinese missile silo construction, combined with the other elements of its nuclear build-up, are unprecedented in Chinese nuclear history. It underscores that China’s nuclear posture has entered a new dynamic phase that requires new attention from the international community. Other countries will be responding politically and militarily.

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Coronavirus / COVID19 / Pandemic

Canadian Election T –10

University of Oxford is working on a cancer vaccine

University of Oxford »

Scientists from the University of Oxford and the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research are building on the success of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 to develop a vaccine to treat cancer. Researchers have designed a two-dose therapeutic cancer vaccine using Oxford’s viral vector vaccine technology.

When tested in mouse tumour models, the cancer vaccine increased the levels of anti-tumour T cells infiltrating the tumours and improved the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy. Compared to immunotherapy alone, the combination with the vaccine showed a greater reduction in tumour size and improved the survival of the mice.

Human trials will begin this year.

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