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Over 100 manufacturers that could be making mRNA vaccines have been identified around the world

The global vaccine shortage is prolonging the pandemic for us all.

Singapore is making the unvaccinated pay for their COVID treatments

Singapore is experiencing its worst pandemic wave since the start of the pandemic, reporting around 2000-3000 cases a day. And that’s because it abandoned the “zero-covid” strategy, saying it’s not feasible in a long-term.

To support its new “living with COVID” strategy, Singapore needs to get more people vaccinated and reduce the strain on the healthcare system. Around 90 percent of Singaporeans are fully vaccinated – but that number has to get even higher to reduce the strain on the healthcare system.

Vaccines have been saving lives for more than 200 years. So why are people hesitant to get vaccinated?

Ross G. Menzies and Rachel E. Menzies, The Conversation »

Ross G. Menzies, Professor, Graduate School of Health, University of Technology Sydney and Rachel E. Menzies, Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Sydney.

Vaccines save lives, and have been doing so since the development of the smallpox vaccine more than 200 years ago.

However, for vaccines to keep entire communities safe they need to be taken up by very large proportions of the population. Only then can the vaccinated offer protection to the unvaccinated, known as “herd immunity”.

Unfortunately, too often this doesn’t occur. Hesitancy around the measles vaccine, for example, contributed to a 30 percent increase in cases globally in 2019.

So, why does vaccine hesitancy occur? There are many reasons, and these will differ between people.

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Germany recommends booster shots for people over 70

DW »

Germany’s vaccination authority, STIKO, recommended coronavirus vaccine booster shots for people aged over 70 on Thursday.

All residents of care homes, as well as workers who come into direct contact with them, should also be offered a third vaccine dose, the body said. The same was also recommended for medical workers in direct contact with patients.

STIKO gave its recommendation on the grounds that vaccine protection “declines over time, particularly in terms of preventing asymptomatic and mild infections.”

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Good News » WHO approves Mosquirix, the world’s first malaria vaccine

Apoorva Mandavilli, NY Times » 

By one estimate, it will save tens of thousands of children each year.

Malaria kills about half a million people each year, nearly all of them in sub-Saharan Africa — including 260,000 children under 5. The new vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline, rouses a child’s immune system to thwart Plasmodium falciparum, the deadliest of five malaria pathogens and the most prevalent in Africa.

The World Health Organization on Wednesday endorsed the vaccine, the first step in a process that should lead to wide distribution in poor countries. To have a malaria vaccine that is safe, moderately effective and ready for distribution is a historic event, said Dr. Pedro Alonso, director of the W.H.O.’s global malaria program.

The vaccine, called Mosquirix, is not just a first for malaria — it is the first developed for any parasitic disease. Parasites are much more complex than viruses or bacteria, and the quest for a malaria vaccine has been underway for a hundred years.

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Ottawa now requires all federal public servants and RCMP to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 29

Federal workers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of the month or be forced into an unpaid leave of absence. Other new rules are also being introduced, such as mandatory vaccination for all air, rail and marine travellers effective Oct. 30.

John Paul Tasker, CBC » 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government’s mandatory vaccine policy today — a mandate that will require public servants to either get their shots by month’s end or be forced into an unpaid leave of absence. All would-be travellers must also be fully vaccinated by Oct. 30 to board planes, trains or marine vessels.

Reference »  Gov’t of Canada »

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