Seated in the comfort of his home in Winnipeg, singing his song “Lighthouse,” William Prince emanates thoughtful messages of redemption and love. “I greet you today from Treaty 1 Territory, Winnipeg, Manitoba,” he says. “What a time it’s been, I’ve been at home writing songs this past little while, and it really gave me some perspective on something … confirmed something for me. You don’t want to let a day go wasted.” And with that, William Prince’s baritone lulls us into his song “Wasted,” a song he wrote to his son but is full of advice for us all.

“What puts a shuffle in your shoes, babe?

That’s the thing worth chasing.

Gotta love what you do, babe

So not a day goes wasted.”

William Prince grew up the son of a preacher and a musician on Peguis First Nation. With two albums released in 2020, including a gospel album inspired by the grief caused by the pandemic, he’s been quite prolific. This summer saw the release of a single, “Run.”

William Prince ends his Tiny Desk (home) concert with “Breathless,” the song that introduced him to the world in 2018; initially released in 2015, the later version we’ve come to know was produced by Nashville’s famed producer Dave Cobb. “Great songs will find a way; it ain’t the singer; it’s the song I was told.” There’s truth there, but for me, seeing him in Nashville in 2018, it was undoubtedly his voice that got me listening.