Hello, I’m Robert. A ordinary bloke, a Joe Public, who is curious about many things.

Most days I go through tons of articles, newsletters, podcasts, videos, and other content from across the web. I am grateful for the opportunities I’ve been afforded. When I find something interesting, I often post it to one of my sites on what I’ve come to call the Joe Public Network »

  • Living 2.0 » It’s about living healthier, living better.
  • Canada Letter » It’s about Canada and Canadians.
  • Adventure Trend » I travel a lot, and want to experience as much of the world as I am afforded. Here I share useful research I’ve found.
  • Your Mileage May Vary » #YMMV » It probably should. These are my experiences.
  • Joe Public » This site. This where I post items that don’t fit elsewhere on the network.

Much of the Internet has become an increasingly abrasive, furious, noisy world consumed with so-called breaking news, misleading click-bait headlines, popup ads, and disinformation. The JPN is not run by time-waisting algorithms, bots, or a startup force-feeding empty-calories of content in an effort to keep you from leaving their platform. The JPN is run by me. I hope you find it useful.



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